Monday, July 12, 2010

What can be done about the arrests?

With two more Georgia players being arrested this past week, many people have been starting to ask what can be done? Well lets see, their are a couple ways the Georgia coaching staff could approach this.

One, the Georgia coaching staff could start a zero tolernace policy and kick players off the team for any offense which results in a arrest. Personally, I do not think this is the best approach. Let's just say for instance that AJ Green is arrested for something small. How do you think the fan base and alumni would take Green being dismissed from team? I can tell you, they would most likely ask for Richt's job.

Second, the coaching staff could only recruit choir boys and not even look at players that they think might have a character issue. Well after one recruiting class like this, Georgia would start to drop from being a contender every year in the SEC to the doormat of the SEC. Again what would happen the alumni and fan base would ask for Richt's job.

You can list "solution" after "solution" as to what the coaching staff can do. The fans need to remember that these players are still college students. I myself talked to the police a couple times when I was in school. With twitter, facebook, and the internet in general news in being posted faster and faster. Many times I can find out the news via twitter before it is broadcast any where else.

These players are treated like gods on campus and most of them have been treated this way since high school. I have joked with some of my older friends who talk about when they were in school the players would just be escorted by the police to the coaches office and he would handle it. Nobody from the news would even find out. Most fans never even knew about it. These times though are in the past, now campus police and city police are going to arrest the players and release all information to the media.

With Georgia being a top program year end and year out of course they are going to be under the microscope every year. ESPN and all news stations are going to find out anything that happens. Richt has done a great job with the Georgia program and I would not want anybody else leading our Bulldogs.   

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Dawgfan17 said...

Any violent or a danger to others (DUI) should be treated harshly. What more can Richt do other than throw people off the team (which he has done quite of bit of). The under age drinking of players like King doesn't really bother me since no one is really harmed by it and in the end puts him on par with the vast majority of college students. I do wish the players would start to realize that they are hurting themselves and the team each time they decide to do something that puts them at risk for arrest. Be smarter about it please.