Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gabe Wright Video

Here is an interview with Gabe Wright that was posted on youtube. After watching this video you see that the Bulldogs are in his top two. Wright states that he has wanted to be a Bulldog since he was a sophomore. He states the transfer of Jarvis Jones really helped Georgia in terms of Carver High School. Wright does not see any negatives in Georgia, the only thing he states about Georgia that is negative at all is if Mark Richt and the coaching staff will be back next season. Georgia fans can thank Nick Saban and Kirby Smart for this as I am sure that they are filling all our recruits with these negative thoughts.

Wright states that he believes the "dream team" concept that Coach Richt has been pitching to the recruits and if Georgia can keep the top talent in Georgia from leaving they could be "unstoppable". Gabe Wrigt and Isaiah Crowell will be Bulldogs as long as Georgia can back it up in the field this year.


Dawgfan17 said...

I think you are right. If we put it together for a 10 or more win season this year to show that Richt is secure despite all the BS going around then we will add some great talent to a already solid class. Win the east this year and it could turn out to be the best class ever under Richt.

Sports Fan said...

Good news about Mr. Wright wanting to be a Bulldog. But I do not think it will take a 10 win season to convince him that CMR & staff are not on the hot seat.

After all we are breaking in a new QB and defensive scheme.

Follow your heart Mr. Wright and be part of something big. The outlook for the Bulldawgs looks so bright I gotta wear shades!

Anonymous said...

I hope to see him wearing the Red & Black next year.

In the end I'm sure he will see through all of the negative recruiting and realize CMR is here to stay.

Sure last year was disappointing to all Bulldog fans. But keep it in perspective: A 8 win season is not the norm at UGA and Satan knows it.

Be part of something big and bring back glory to UGA. Filter out the UGA haters and ruthless lies / BS that comes out during recruiting.

Anonymous said...

I would be more concerned about Satan's system of over-signing year after year. How does that work?

If you don't work out or are plagued by injuries what happens to you then? Mmmm. Oh is that how the numbers stay at 85?

No CMR is not on the hot seat contrary to negative recruiting and wishful thinking from the UGA haters.

Gabe please come join the Dream Team!