Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bulldogs 64th Best Team in NCAA?

A few days ago Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel wrote a blog post stating that Georgia is the 64th best team in the NCAA. A post like this is nothing more than trying to stir the pot and increase the amount of traffic to your site. Besides Fowler, you could not find another reporter or analyst who would rank the Bulldogs this low. Stating that the Bulldogs are the 64th best team and the Volunteer's are the 72nd team is just laughable. Fowler might as well turn in his degree in journalism from Florida and just start his own personal blog. With a post like this real college football fan will never take him seriously. Yes, I do not like Florida at all but they are a top 25 team and I will admit that to anyone.

An interesting fact about his article is that when you look at Georgia's weakness's they pretty much match Florida's:

1. New QB
2. New Defensive Coordinator
3. Leadership on Defense

All three of these "weakness's" are matched by Florida but something tells me that Fowler will have the Gator's at least in the top 15.


Pl0we said...

Jeremy Fowler is an idiot.

Pl0we said...

and so is Chris Fowler